Frequently asked questions when building or renovating including when a building or planning permit is required.
Why do I need to get a building permit before building a new home?
A building permit provides authorisation for the construction of buildings by assessing the plans for the new building within the restraints of the Building Code of Australia.
Do I require a building permit for renovations or alterations of pre-existing buildings too?
Yes, you require a building permit for a range of different structures including:
- Renovations and Extensions
- Swimming Pools and Pool Fences
- New Homes
- Garages
- Sheds
- Carports
- Demolition Work
- Decks
- Removing loadbearing walls such as retaining walls.
When do you need a planning permit?
A planning permit is required to authorise utilising and developing land. It takes into consideration how the development will impact on the council's planning schemes and state planning legislation. It works differently to a building permit as a building permit is focused on a structure, its safety and proposed amenity, whereas a planning permit highlights how the proposed development could affect the surrounding area.