About Us

Welcome to JNA Constructions, your partners in building projects in Kempsey, the Macleay Valley and surrounding areas.
JNA Constructions began as a partnership several years ago when mates Jay Farrell and Andrew Osborne decided that their combined skills would better service the growing demands of home and office building along with renovation trends.
Born in the same year (1980) they are more in sync than many of their local counterparts and have a forward thinking, yet grounded philosophy of providing quality constructions suited to every budget. The years prior to establishing JNA Constructions saw both Jay and Andrew hone their skills from apprentice beginnings to fully licensed builders. Their experience in the building industry and the closeness of their partnership makes them an excellent choice for building project management.
A meeting with Jay and Andrew will also set you on a path of realistic goals for a timely completion of what is always a quality construction, whether it be your first home, a holiday bungalow, a prestige office or commercial premises, or an addition or renovation that complements your current home, office or retail space.
No matter what your building enterprise entails, Jay and Andrew from JNA Constructions will deliver on time and on budget and always with a result that has the stamp of quality.